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Is Your Digital Home Thriving… or Just Surviving?

Not sure? Might be Time for a Website Audit.

For a cozy little moment, we’re offering our website audit completely for FREE. An audit is an investment into your business’s bright future—and right now, we’re gifting it to you FREE of charge.

The best part? It’s a recorded video that lands directly in your inbox within 07 days of signing up, so no need to do anything more than just say yes!  

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So, what’s a website audit all about?

We’re here to help ensure your message is as warm and welcoming as a crackling fire, to make your site feel like that perfect, snug retreat where every visitor feels at home, and to check that navigating through it is as easy and comforting as walking into a space where you instantly belong.

Consider a website audit if…

Your business has grown

As your business grows, your digital presence should flourish with it. We’ll show you some ways your website can keep up with your business.

Your website isn't seeing sales

Been a bit quiet in your corner of the digital woods lately? We can point out some trouble areas that can be transformed to bring in more clients, sales, and visits.

You DIYed your website

Congrats on blazing your own trail! Let us clear the path up ahead with some suggestions on ways to make your website fully work for you.

Our goal? To transform your website into that go-to place where your visitors—your potential clients—feel an immediate sense of belonging and trust.

Think of it as a friendly, heart-to-heart conversation (and yes, I’m totally there for it!), all about bringing out the unique charm and character of your online home. 

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I'm Laura.


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As a full service design and branding studio, Wild Cabin offers a professional, artistic touch to every aspect of your brand design and website. My team hosts expert creatives who offer support wherever you need it—from designing a funky pattern that sets the vibe for your brand to assist you in defining your own voice.

I help you discover your brand identity and run with it so you can embrace your own brand of wild.

Wild Cabin encourages women service based business to take flight on their own. Here are what some of my clients are saying.

"Wild Cabin is always developing invaluable tutorials that will teach entrepreneurs how to be resourceful and creative in their businesses!"

-Emily W.

"Wild Cabin goes above and beyond to help teach you how to work on different functions on your site and with helping you develop more ideas for your business vision."

-Mandy T.

"Laura is so talented and really blew our minds with how she created our perfect brand, website and communications. Her patience and willingness to help us get things right was beyond our expectations."

-Leigh H.

It’s true, 48% of people say that a website’s design and branding play a big role in their decision to partner with a business. If your digital home is feeling less-than-welcoming to your ideal clients, it might be time to make some changes. 

The best part of this is having a partner to navigate the process for you (Wild Cabin!), and having one that’s genuinely as excited as you are about the adventure. 

Ready for an adventure?

If so, let’s gear up! We have a limited number of spots available, so don’t snooze on it.