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Website Audit

A website audit is a wonderful way to evaluate the overall success of your website. I’m going to break down the important areas to include and how you can improve them with a recorded video of my evaluation session.


In this recorded audit I share with you ways to attract, retain and convert visitors into paying customers. Get your slot today for a web audit. I am only going to be offering this for a limited time. So snag your spot, register online now. 


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Is your website getting you sales?

It might be time for a website audit. A website audit is the process of analyzing your website to determine how well it’s performing. It allows you to see what’s working well and what areas could be changed or updated in order to work better. An audit dives deep into how your website looks and functions to viewers. During the recorded session you will watch me navigate through your website as if I were on a customer journey. Then I will drop a video into your inbox and you can hear my advice on ways to improve your site. 

Strategy and Goal

Your website should have value proposition and a primary goal. Is that statement front and center and is the primary goal clear to a paying client.


We all judge books by their covers. Your website is a reflection of you and your services. It should be selling for you 24/7, does it look the part?

User Experience

How effortlessly and easy it is for your customer to move through the journey. User experience is key in making your visitors happy and sold on your product. 

What exactly do you get?


After your application is accepted, you will receive a timeline of when you will get your recording with my evaluation. Within the video, you will get feedback from a professional of areas that can be improved on your website. Those areas are listed below.

A website audit is a good idea if...

You DIYed your website

Congrats for taking things into your own hands and making that big step. Let me take a look and see how you did! I will give you my honest feedback on the success of your site or areas you may want to improve conversion.

Your business has grown

Maybe your business have evolved and you are not sure it comes across on your site. Or maybe your website needs to grow with the new offers you created. The website audit will give you some insight on your customer journey.

Your website isn't seeing sales

You have a website, but you do not see any traffic or sales coming in. I can help point out some trouble areas. It might be aesthetics, functionality, or a lost message of your offer. Sign up for the free audit and let me take a look. 

I'm Laura.

As a full service design and branding studio, Wild Cabin offers a professional, artistic touch to every aspect of your brand design and website. My team hosts expert creatives who offer support wherever you need it — from designing a funky pattern that sets the vibe for your brand to assist you in defining your own voice.

I help you discover your brand identity and run with it so you can embrace your own brand of wild.

 Allow me to do a web audit of your website, so that you are showing up the best way possible. You may have DIYed your website or worked from a template, let me give it a look over and give you my professional feedback. 

Wild Cabin encourages women service based business to take flight on their own. Here are what some of my clients are saying.

"Laura is always developing invaluable workshops that will teach entrepreneurs how to be resourceful and creative in their businesses, too!"

-Emily W.

"Wild Cabin goes above and beyond to help teach you how to work on different functions on your site and with helping you develop more ideas for your business vision."

-Mandy T.

"Laura is so talented and really blew our minds with how she created our perfect brand, website and communications. Her patience and willingness to help us get things right was beyond our expectations."

-Leigh H.

You should love your website!

If you don't, it is time to fix that! Maybe it isn't that bad, maybe you are being really hard on yourself, but sending potential clients to your Instagram Feed or to your TikTok videos isn't going to win you their business. Yes, it may be entertaining to watch and you have valuable information there, but most likely they will not purchase from you. Instead, that potential client will end up spending money on someone that has a well-curated website or storefront. 

Scroll down and sign up. I will send you a recording of my experience on your website. 


Website Audit

Wild Cabin is only going to be offering this service as FREE for a limited time.

Save your spot today!