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Kindle Your Wild Side!

Branding and Web Design for Health and Happiness Entrepreneurs


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Branding and Web Design for Health and Happiness Entrepreneurs

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Wild Cabin Studio is an immersive, all-in-one creative studio. My intention is to build and personify wild, beautiful brands that thrive for people in the health, wellness and happiness space.  

From logos and web design to copy and photography, I cover all the bases to assure striking, cohesive, remarkable final products. My reach expands beyond our creative endeavors. Wild Cabin offers accessible education, empowering clients with the confidence to continue to bloom and take flight on their own after working with me to get their brand off the ground.

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Empowering New Entrepreneurs to Embrace Their Unique Brand of Wild

You’re someone who provides services or creates products that promote health, wellness and happiness. We see you out there taking the — sometimes rocky — trail to improving lives and making the world a better place. We know how difficult it can be. Sometimes the roads less traveled by are lonely and can require a lot of backtracking in order to find your way. We’re here to assure you have the support you need to reach your destination. And less of the tiresome trial and error.

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A full service design and branding studio, Wild Cabin offers a professional, artistic touch to every aspect of your brand design and website.


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I'll help you discover your brand identity and run with it so that you can embrace your own brand of wild. I’ll design a plan for your unique situation.


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We will work together to make sure your message is super clear, your site is working to its best potential, and has your audience converting to a customer. 


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"Laura has taught me how to use everything from Squarespace to Canva to Mailchimp -- all things super important for creating valuable content and ensuring my business runs smoothly! 


Emily Woodward

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Meet Wild Cabin Owner

Hi, I’m Laura King, the resident “Mama Bear” here at Wild Cabin. I dreamt up Wild Cabin Studio throughout a decade of working as a freelance graphic designer. Now, that dream has come to life and taken its own wild, organic shape as a full service design and branding studio that helps other entrepreneurs that dream big bring their visions to life.


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