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Outside a charming rustic cabin, a wild rose bush thrived...


In the foothills of Conifer, Colorado. This was the inspiration behind Wild Cabin Studio.

Hi, I’m Laura King, the resident “Mama Bear” here at Wild Cabin. I dreamt up Wild Cabin Studio throughout a decade of working as a freelance graphic designer. Now, that dream has come to life and taken its own wild, organic shape as a full service design and branding studio that helps other entrepreneurs that dream big bring their visions to life.

That rose bush growing untamed in its own wild, ethereal beauty outside our little cabin inspired my journey. Wild Cabin specializes in creating wild and beautiful brands, unlike any other. 

Today, as a full service design and branding studio, Wild Cabin offers a professional, artistic touch to every aspect of your brand design and website. Our team hosts expert creatives who offer support wherever you need it — from designing a funky pattern that sets the vibe for your brand to assisting you in defining your own voice within the health, wellness and happiness space. 

I help you discover your brand identity and run with it so that you can embrace your own brand of wild.


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I believe that every business owner deserves to have a strong and effective brand and website, which is why I'm offering this free coaching call to help you overcome any obstacles you may be facing.

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Wild Cabin Team

Laura King, the owner, operator, and designer of Wild Cabin Studio, will serve as your primary contact for your project. She not only acts as the lead designer but also oversees every design, Canva template, and brand that comes through the studio.

To expand our capabilities and ensure flexibility for all our projects, we collaborate with contractors and freelancers. Currently, our team includes a Copywriter and a Brand Photographer, who are integral members of our staff.

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