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Wild and Whimsical 

Web Design + Strategy

You hold the valuable knowledge and products your clients need to thrive. Now you just need your web presence to elegantly reflect all you have to share with the world.

Which path is right for you?

We build seamless, purposeful, exquisite websites that are a breath of fresh air to your audience. We offer a few options for your website solution.

Custom Website

A package designed for brands that already have the essentials in place. You have the visual tools in hand, the content ready to go, you just need help nailing the pieces together. . . and making them marketable. 

Built on Kajabi or Squarespace, depending on your needs.

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Website Quick Fix

Ready to stake your place on the world wide web, but not quite ready to establish a homestead? Redirect your clients to your social media, blog, podcast and begin capturing emails with a minimalist landing page.

Built on Squarespace or which ever platform your prefer.

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Website Course

You want to look professional, but don't have the budget this is a great option for you. This course will teach you each step of the way on how to build an effective website that will gain you traffic and new leads. You will be DIY-ing it yourself, but with support!

Course based on a Squarespace Website.

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Custom Website

Establish your presence online, passively generate leads, gain a beautiful (yet, powerful, like you!) set-it-and-forget-it marketing asset.

A package designed for brands that already have the essentials in place. You have the visual tools in hand, you just need help nailing the pieces together. . . and making them marketable. I use your high resolution patterns, logos and branded imagery to build a one-of-a-kind website that puts your wild branding to work for you.

Timeline: ~8weeks
Investment: $2,500.00

I’ll send a detailed content guide your way prior to the project kick-off and ask that you create a Pinterest “inspo board”. This will be followed by a detailed strategy call. We’ll discuss your business, your site vision and sketch out the blueprints we’ll use to stake your place in the landscape of the world wide web.

Here is where we take the blueprints and put them into action. All the prep work was worth it. You’ll receive a proposed vision map and homepage designs to review and assure the vision aligns with your wildest dreams before laying any foundations. Feeback is taken an implemented to ensure we are ready to take the next step.

Your plot of land on the world wide web comes ready to move in with: 5 custom-designed web pages, professional sourced photos, 800+ words of professionally written SEO homepage web copy, 2 rounds of revisions, refinements or redesigns (nothing goes live without your final approval on our design plans!)

Your website with a living and breathing existence is important for SEO. We will get your blog set up, single post layout + up to 3 styled posts to get you started. You will be set you up in style.

Canva is an online design tool that empowers everyone to be a creator. Your fonts, color palette, logos and patterns input into Canva for you. You’ll be ready to create branded content on your own with ease. 

Wild Cabin offers worry-free web design. Delivery of your completed site includes video tutorials teaching you exactly how to dig in and perform basic updates on your site that do no harm to the design elements in place.

Take the first steps toward wild and whimsical web design.

You endeavor to foster joy, wellbeing and help people thrive! We’re here to create branding and web platforms that allow you to thrive.

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