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A Course that Speaks to Health, Wellness and Nutritional Coaches.

Learn to design and build with Squarespace and take flight on your own.

We’ll walk you step by step through building your Squarespace website from the ground up using tools, community, and live weekly support. You can easily build your new, gorgeous website confidently. We will be there every step of the way, We look to influence growth, instill confidence, provide answers to questions and stand as a reliable and caring resource. We will be a beacon of confidence you need to build out your new, beautiful website and land more clients!

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Website Template

A custom template created specifically with wellness professionals in mind will be our starting point. We will make it on-brand with color, fonts, photos, and some extra pattern play to make you individual and unique! We walk you every step of the way.

Step by Step Guidance

Every step of the way is going to be mapped out for you. Take your time or binge the education. The course is set for you to learn at your own pace. Each module will include a video walking you through all the necessary steps to launch.

Tools to Get You Going

Included are some helpful tools to make your biz stronger from the very core. Included is our Brand Kindling Workbook, Content Collection Guide, and SEO Checklist. These tools will instill a feeling of confidence and self-sufficiency!


We aren’t a studio that hands over deliverables and disappears.  Using a community platform as a forum to ask for feedback and help from your peers, this course just got stronger! You will have access to me and other wellness professionals!

Pre Launch Check List

To boost the confidence of your new skillset and abilities we put together this checklist to sign off on before you start sending traffic to your shiny new website. Once you sign off on the list, go ahead and yell from the rooftops! Clients will start filling your calendar.

Bi-Weekly Calls

Twice a month I will be online in a virtual meeting room to answer any questions you may have. Consider this my office hours and I am here to be a beacon to make sure you have success with your launch! Use this time to your advantage!

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Dust off that certificate, learn to build your business website, and book your first client!

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Meet Your Instructor

Laura King

Hi, I’m Laura King, the resident “Mama Bear” here at Wild Cabin. I dreamt up Wild Cabin Studio throughout a decade of working as a freelance graphic designer. Now, that dream has come to life and taken its own wild, organic shape as a full service design and branding studio that helps other entrepreneurs that dream big bring their visions to life.

About Wild Cabin Studio

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If you want the POWERHOUSE of not only a course on how to design, but also how to set up the business infrastructure this is the best option for a new wellness business. They don’t teach this stuff in school! Learn to implement workflows into your day to day business.


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