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Beautiful Bold Branding

Logo + Brand Design

Custom color palettes, fonts, branded patterns and imagery bring your brand to life.

Brand Identity Design

Establish your brand identity, spotlight your uniqueness, build a wildly beautiful brand aesthetic

See your wildest vision blossom and come to life. This package is designed to establish the foundations of your brand from the ground up. For the new business owner or entrepreneur with dreams of a striking, bold and professional brand that are ready to be manifested into reality.

Timeline: ~6weeks
Investment: $1,500.00

We’ll spare no detail in digging deep into your vision and goals. I ask that you spend some time preparing a Pinterest board that sets the tone for your brand’s identity. You’ll receive a strategic prep list to help you define the vision, goals and values driving your brand as well as a Brand Kindling Workbook to help spark inspiration prior to our strategy call.

Your Vision Map will function as a striking glimpse of what’s on the horizon. I’ll visually outline your businesses’ mission, target market, unique selling point, brand values and notes on the visual journey Wild Cabin would like to take your brand on.

Take a breath of fresh air while I work behind the scenes to develop 2 unique visual directions we can take your brand in. You’ll receive mock-ups of brand essentials like branded patterns and logos and be able to choose which of the 2 sets personifies your vision. This step includes 2 rounds of tweaks and revisions.

Feel empowered to ignite your brand with a BANG! You get tons of graphics and branded templates to use on Instagram and all your digital spaces so you can easily leave your footprint anywhere on the web.

Downloadable web and print-ready files of your logo, various submarks and patterns, textures, or illustrations. Wild Cabin creates for your brand PDF of your brand style-guide outlining proper usage of logos, variations and brand fonts as well as hex codes for your distinct color palette

Take the first steps toward a bold and beautiful brand.

You endeavor to foster joy, wellbeing and help people thrive! We’re here to create branding and web platforms that allow you to thrive.

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