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Beautiful + Bold + Wild

Logo and Brand Design

Custom color palettes, fonts, branded patterns and imagery bring your brand to life.

Brand Identity Design

Establish your brand identity, spotlight your uniqueness, build a wildly beautiful brand aesthetic

See your wildest vision blossom and come to life. This package is designed to establish the foundations of your brand from the ground up. For the new business owner or entrepreneur with dreams of a striking, bold and professional brand that are ready to be manifested into reality.

Brand Experience

Your brand is so much more than a pretty logo. A clear approach with hand-created touches to design a brand that is unique and executes your vision. We create a look that you love and we can ensure your branding continues to evolve with your business.

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Logo Refresh

A brand refresh is simply a sharpening-up of your company’s existing visuals. You may have a logo, but missing a lot of aesthetics. This mini brand package supports your growing company with fresh visuals and assets.

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Brand Experience

Perfect for a new business owner or entrepreneur that is ready to create a brand image that is creative, magnetic, and intentional. 

With this service, I work one-on-one with brands and businesses to get crystal clear on the vision, discover anything that is holding them back and create a unique, polished identity. You should be shouting from the rooftop about your business and Wild Cabin can help you get there.

+ 1-hour goal setting call

+ Brand Kindling Workbook

+ Moodboard exploration

+ Copywriting assistance 

+ Downloadable web and print-ready files

+ PDF of your brand style guide

+ Brand element transfer to Canva

Get your brand blooming!

"94% of first impressions are related to design."


Brand Refresh

Freshening up your brand doesn’t have to mean a complete overhaul. A refresh is more of a quick update, most often to the visuals, while staying within the guidelines of the overall brand strategy, message, and identity.

+ Strategy session
+ Patterns / element creation
+ Revamped color palette
+ Main logo + secondary logo
+ Font selection 
+ Brand guide cheat sheet

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Take the first steps toward a bold and beautiful brand.

You endeavor to foster joy, wellbeing and help people thrive! We’re here to create branding and web platforms that allow you to thrive.

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