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Diet Analysis + Dietary Recommendation Canva Template

freebie Aug 04, 2021

Professional and consistent!

Everything that is consumer/ customer-facing should look like YOU and YOUR biz. Download these FREE Canva Templates: Diet Analysis + Dietary Recommendations.

Diet Analysis + Dietary Recommendation Canva Templates for Nutritional Therapy Practitioners, Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioners, Nutritionists, Functional Therapy Practitioners, Dietitians, and Health Coaches. Featuring a minimalistic template design to get your client-facing documents looking fantastic.

How It Works: 
Upon signing up for our newsletter (and joining us at the Campfire) you will see direct links to the Canva templates. Simply click the links and the templates will automatically open in your browser.

Each of them is easy to edit, all you have to do is replace pictures with your artwork via drag-n-drop.

Please note: 
Not all photographs and illustrations used in the preview images may be included, but you can find them in Canva Extended License.


  • Editable text, shape, and background colors

  • Easily add your brand styling

  • Use different fonts

  • Use Canva Elements Library to add custom illustrations to lists and diagrams

Download your Dietary Analysis + Recommendation Templates!