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Brand: How to use patterns to stand out

strategy Aug 25, 2021

Have you thought about your brand story and that maybe you could tell that story through a pattern? Your story is what connects you to your target audience. Connecting your why in your branded pattern gives you a unique visual story to tell. Below is the importance of branded patterns and how you can use them.

Here is a guest post from my friend, Katie Cleveland Art

Importance of Patterns

A branding pattern creates visual interest and personality for your business. When done right, your branding pattern will create a sense of balance between your logo, color palette, and graphic elements. Creating balance in your branding creates a strong visual identity and added value to your customer. This gives your company a competitive edge to stand out in your industry.

Does your company help to heal and uplift others? By using the right amount of shape, color, and sometimes text, you can spark visual interest to the right people.

How to use Patterns

Your branding pattern can bring a once boring product to life. Take that dull cardboard box and put a branding pattern on it volia! now you have something visually interesting that helps you to stand out.  

When it comes to website text less is always more. Most of the time a user will scan your website to figure out what you are about. Using a branding pattern throughout your website will not only tie the design together but visually communicate what to your audience what you represent. Does your brand represent modern elegance or boho chic? Your branding pattern will help to drive home that message. 

Patterns are seen in nature and art. I use patterns to create colorful yoga mat designs. When I create art, I focus more on the emotional intention of a piece and use abstract patterns to bring the piece to life.  I use a mix of vibrant colors and dramatic line work to create a colorful patterned masterpiece.

When you work with Wild Cabin Studio, we work with you to create your unique branding pattern. We can create a strong visual identity that will bring clients to your doorstep.