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Branding: A strong brand attracts a dream client

strategy Aug 25, 2021

These days in order to have a recognizable brand, you HAVE to be different. If your brand isn’t interesting, then it’s not unique, and if it’s not unique, then it’s not attracting the right people. If you're not attracting the right audience, then you're probably not making very much money doing what you're doing.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when you are developing a personality for your business brand. 

Be Transparent:
Show your audience how they'll feel so they can understand exactly why they need your services. Show them that you understand what they really want. Build trust in you and your services.

Be Unique:
Demonstrate your unique perspective-it is clear what makes your business different and irreplaceable.

Be Consistent:
Make your brand familiar- your branding will grow with you and be stronger. In a way, you are building relationships. Give your brand some human traits and have experiences that resonate with people. Build familiarity.

Make a Move:
How your brand is different than your competitors? Highlight that and market it! Make it your unique business angle and give your business a unique spin to stand out. Download my free workbook, Branding Kindling

This workbook is designed to help you define your foundational core values, discover what to communicate to your audience, and compose a guide to keep that relationship in place so you have better results with your promotional and marketing materials.